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So, what if instead of “marketing”

you chose to be a lighthouse?

We create unique experiences, spaces and opportunities (online and offline) to connect with your audiences, attract new customers and expand your local and international reach.

We create your communication plan and strategies, offer content creation, copywriting, translation and social media management services, as well as customer service strategies.

We offer web and social media consulting, training and conferences to help you and your employees understand and participate in the visibility and outreach of your company.


Discover and be inspired by the COURAGE of entrepreneurs around the world.


Testimonial from Dr. Nicole Bailey, founder of Bailey Family Chiropractic Center (Pennsylvania)
Testimonial from Tania Russell, Cranial Osteopath & HeartMath Coach (New Zealand)
Testimonial from Sylvie Olivier, founder of Golden Heart Wisdom (Canada)
Testimonial from Dr. Madeleine Tremblay & Stéphane Laurin, cofounders de Essence de Bach (Canada)
Testimonial from Monique Meijer, founder of Amsterdam Mind Body Centre (Amsterdam)
About Marie-Eve Lord and Radiantly Shine Online
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