Discover and be inspired by the COURAGE of entrepreneurs around the world.

Did you ever experienced having your heart say “yes,” while your head says, “no”?… Or having your heart whispers a vibrant inspiration while your head responds, “Forget it, this is crazy, come back on earth!” ?

Which one to listen to? Which path to choose?…

What if the courage to follow our heart was the secret of happiness?

It is with joy and lightness that my guests and I offer you… A dose of courage!❤️

Be inspired by the experiences and stories of entrepreneurs who chose to follow their heart: Why did they choose to listen to the heart instead of the head? What happened next? How did they courageously take action? What were the manifestations of this choice? How do they connect to courage on a daily basis

Welcome to the Business Heartwide podcast!

Marie-Ève ✨


EPISODE 1 – The Courage Story of Nick Harbaugh, The Retail Nomad


Nick Harbaugh would have every reason in the world to experience life as a victim and feel sorry for himself, but he chose otherwise. He chose courage and, as a result, he’s living his best life!

EPISODE 2 – The Courage Story of Tina Chow, writer and world traveler


Tina Chow started to travel around the world at a very young age, first with her family and then with her friends… Until one day she had this call from her heart to experience solo travel. A journey that changed her life!

EPISODE 3 – The Courage Story of Juan Eriko, Cofounder of Peru Bucket List


Juan Eriko always knew in his heart that one day he would have his own business, which he started in 2020, just before the pandemic… As you can imagine, this new entrepreneurial journey opened the door to several obstacles…

EPISODE 4 – The Courage Story of Tania Sheikh, Illustrator & Graphic Designer


Tania Sheikh didn’t plan to be an illustrator & graphic designer. With a degree in economics, she started her career as a management consultant. Then, one day, she felt that this might not be what she was born for…

EPISODE 5 – The Courage Story of Jalila Clarke, Podcaster & Blogger


Jalila Clarke is one of these extraordinary people who always let their heart guide the next step. This way of life led her to work as a police officer in Miami, then as a librarian, and then as an English teacher in China. Now she’s living in Colombia…

EPISODE 6 – The Courage Story of Sam Valle, Tour Guide in Guatemala


Sam Valle is from Guatemala and has been a tour guide in Guatemala for more than 20 years now. Like most Guatemalans, family is an important part of his life. However, some years ago, he had to make the courageous choice to leave his country and his family…


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Business Heartwide podcast by Marie-Ève Lord


My name is Marie-Ève Lord and it’s a great joy for me to host this podcast which comes from an inspiration that my heart whispered to me in 2020.

I am also a digital communication expert and founder of Radiantly Shine Online.

Concretely, I offer web and social media consulting and training, copywriting, project management, social media management, and I assist businesses in creating vibrant online experiences to their communities.

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